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Shenzhen, in keeping with its development as a modern city, has built a new industrial infrastructure, with high-tech industry and advanced manufacturing as its base and modern tertiary industry as its backbone.

In 2008, the GDP reached a record high of 780.65 billion yuan, an increase of 12.1% over 2007. Shenzhen's economic output is ranked fourth among the 659 Chinese cities (behind Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou), and it is comparable to that of a medium sized province in China. In 2008, Shenzhen's GDP per capita was 89,814 yuan (US$13,153), making it one of the richest of all Chinese cities.

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Shenzhen has formed a modern industrial "aircraft carrier group", which has the high-tech industry as its "aircraft carrier", and other advanced industries as its "escort ships". Shenzhen has 34 industrial sectors. Of its 1,000-plus industrial products, 30 are in lead position in China in terms of total output. The following are some of the city's products, which have notched up a large share of domestic and international markets: containers, 38% globally; hard drives, 50% domestically and 10% globally; computer magnetic heads, 60% globally; laser pickups, 60% globally; program-controlled switching boards, 40% domestically; gene hepatitis B vaccine, 51% domestically; clocks and watches, 45% globally; and gold jewelry, 70% domestically.

National Economic Accounting (Jan-Jun, 2009)
Sector Unit Gross of First and Second Quarter Rate of Growth ±%
Gross Domestic Product 100 Million Yuan 3631.69 8.5
Primary Industry 100 Million Yuan 2.94 -23.2
Secondary Industry 100 Million Yuan 1629.56 4.9
# Industry 100 Million Yuan 1536.15 4.6
Tertiary Industry 100 Million Yuan 1999.19 12.1
#Transportation and Post 100 Million Yuan 162.31 9.2
Wholesale and Retail 100 Million Yuan 389.91 11
Lodging and Catering 100 Million Yuan 79.11 11.8
Finance and Insurance 100 Million Yuan 490.5 19.3
Real Estate 100 Million Yuan 275.63 29.1
Others 100 Million Yuan 601.73 3
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